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About Us

IQ Ideal Quality Crankshaft Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing quality replacement/aftermarket crankshafts for diesel and gasoline engines since 2004 in Konya with thirty (30) years experience and aggregation.

As the leading crankshaft manufacturer and exporter in Turkey, our products are exported to more than fifty (50) countries worldwide. We are proud to be supplier of the most authorized and leading companies in their country or region. Thanks to our quality, principles and clients; we are very pleased to be one of the most shining stars of the automotive spare parts Industry of Konya, Turkey.

Joining the global market in today’s conditions requires well knowledge, technology, experience, market information and successful manegement. We believe that all these features are involved in our qualified team. Our company containing the above metioned within our proterties has achived to provide quality serves to our costumers, wholesalers and distrubutors in the whole world.


Constantly investing in people and technology, “IQ Crankshaft” was deemed worthy of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Manegement System Certificate in 2005 tahnks to its trained and specialized staff, quality of service and its approach to quality management. IQ Crankshafts never slackens its efforts at improvement to keep abreast of developments.


General Manager
Company Strategy
In order to implement our quality policy, we have adopted the following key strategic priorities;

• To Provide differentiated products and services for different clients’ need s and expectations
• To drive the automotive spare parts market in our targeted business domains proactively
• To provide the best quality products and maximum service for our customers.
• To maintain after sale and technical support that might be required by the clients
• To maket he costumer satisfaction permanent and continuous
• To aim and prefer the less harmful way for enviorement while designing, manufacturing, packing and shipping the goods
Company Strategy

Our products are quaranteed for one (1) year from the date of installation. This warranty states that when the final user (client) has a problem with or product (brake , crack etc.) we renew it free of charge. When the problem is not concerned with manufacturer (wrong installation etc)the warranty shall not be valid. These are some countries which our products are exported to; Algeria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech, Republic, Morocco, Germany, Jordan, Libya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland Singapore, Spain, Syria, South Africa, South Korea, Sudan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK), United States Of America (USA), Yemen, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Egytp, Algeria,…