All trade marks and original references are used only for identification of the parts.
Product Information

Our production range consists of hundereds of crankshaft nearly for all makes. We produce crankshafts for car, light commercial vehicle, truck, tractor and heavy construction machinery engines from 1 cylinder to 12 cylinders. We also receive dozensof special crankshaft inquries from around the world and we response positively. We can manufacture crankshafts for marine engines, racing engines, compressorsetc. IQ Crankshafts is the first company in Turkey to underdesign the development of Shell Molding Vertical Casting Methode which is the best way of producing quality cast crankshafts. This method let us to produce the less toleranced crankshaft in per cent basis. We are now able to maximize the flexibility and minimize the risk of facing broken crankshafts with the method shell molding. Our products are produced from spherical graphite cast-iron using Sorel Metal. 

Shipment & Packing
• All reguired quality controls of our products are done carefully in our laboratory.

• Crankshafts are lubricated with a special protective lubricant.

• Lubricated and protective paper covered crankshafts are put into the bleached wooden crates. The crates that we use meet the ISPM 15 standards.

• We usually use the term FOB (Incoterms 2000) fort he shipments. LCL shipments are done at one of İstanbul Ports. We can ship our goods on other Invoterms basis conidering the wishes of our clients.