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We are producing engine crankshafts, cylinder heads, piston rods mainly for trucks, heavy duty machineries, tractors, cars and marines. We can produce and develop new types that are not listed in our standard program.

All trade marks and original references are used only for identification of the parts.
KIA IQ6050 - OR24111301 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ6050 MODEL Besta Minibus 2200 cc DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO OR24111301 KIA IQ6051 - O145611301 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ6051 MODEL Ceres 2200 / 2400 / K2400 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO O145611301 KIA IQ6052 - OK41011301A - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ6052 MODEL Cobra 3500 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO OK41011301A KIA IQ6053 - OK47A11301A - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ6053 MODEL Cobra 3600 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO OK47A11301A
2. Org. San. Bölgesi Yaylacık Cad. Işıktepe Sok. No:18 Selçuklu/KONYA
+90332 239 20 12
You can call us on this number. Please do not hesitate to contact us.