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We are producing engine crankshafts, cylinder heads, piston rods mainly for trucks, heavy duty machineries, tractors, cars and marines. We can produce and develop new types that are not listed in our standard program.

All trade marks and original references are used only for identification of the parts.
MITSUBISHI IQ3020 - MED13668 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3020 MODEL 4D31-Canter HD FE 449 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO MED13668 MITSUBISHI IQ3021 - MED13667 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3021 MODEL 4D31 Canter New 444 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO MED13667 MITSUBISHI IQ3022 - MD374408-MD374409 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3022 MODEL 4D56 L-300 NEW MODEL 2500 cc Pajero DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO MD374408-MD374409 MITSUBISHI IQ3023 - ME018297 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3023 MODEL 4D34/659 Turbo DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO ME018297 MITSUBISHI IQ3024 -  - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3024 MODEL 6D24-TUC Engine Famile L-11.9 D2A. 6 Cyl (Prenses) DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO MITSUBISHI IQ3025 - MD102601 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3025 MODEL 4D55 L-300 OLD MODEL 2300 cc DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO MD102601 MITSUBISHI IQ3026 - 32520-10020-32520-20010 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3026 MODEL S6A2 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 32520-10020-32520-20010 MITSUBISHI IQ3027 - 35A20-10010-35A20-20010 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3027 MODEL S6A3 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 35A20-10010-35A20-20010 MITSUBISHI IQ3028 - 34A20-10020-34A20-20031 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3028 MODEL S6B3 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 34A20-10020-34A20-20031 MITSUBISHI IQ3029 - 37520-10100 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3029 MODEL S6R 90 Stroke DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 37520-10100 MITSUBISHI IQ3030 - 37520-25101 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3030 MODEL S6R2 110 Stroke DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 37520-25101 MITSUBISHI IQ3031 - 37720-10011-37720-10012-37720-10013 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3031 MODEL S12R V12 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 37720-10011-37720-10012-37720-10013 MITSUBISHI IQ3032 - 32620-31010 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3032 MODEL S12A V12 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 32620-31010 MITSUBISHI IQ3033 - 32620-30010 - Crankshafts IQ NO IQ3033 MODEL S12A2 V12 DESC. Crankshafts OEM NO 32620-30010
2. Org. San. Bölgesi Yaylacık Cad. Işıktepe Sok. No:18 Selçuklu/KONYA
+90332 239 20 12
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